Learning 2.0 Conference, Shanghai, 2007/09/14-16

Reflecting on this conference seems an appropriate way to start blogging. This is my first post and I feel like its taking a big step. The conference was about Web 2.0 tools and the changing face of education in the 21st century.

A key understanding for me was that these tools are not necessarily a good fit for schools – but as Will Richardson says – they are a good fit for learning. If teachers want to use these tools with students they need to be completely familiar with them and passionate about the learning the teacher can personally do by using them. Only an infectious use of these tools by teachers will make it possible for a teacher to understand how to implement them in the school setting.

Or rather – a teacher who uses and models these tools will encourage students to start using them – for their own personal learning, beyond the classroom.The teacher who is transparent is his/her learning, who allows students to read their blogs, shares their RSS feeds and flickr images, and encourages them to use del.icio.us will model learning 2.0. A vibrant learning community that extends beyond the classroom should be the norm.

You can see what the conference was about and even revisit each session to read the notes taken by those who attended by going here. I attended a couple sessions with Alan November and another with Will Richardson. My own session is here.

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