Where to buy Windhorse Warrior

Screenshot 2018-10-25 14.18.15Copies of Windhorse Warrior are available via AbeBooks.com and Amazon.

Please note that these may be shipped from India. Few outlets will have copies in the US and Europe until next spring. Niyogi Books India, the publisher, ships to US outlets each April. The next shipping is April 2019.

Right now the best deal is through AbeBooks and a direct connection with the publisher. They offer copies for US$14.45 plus $6.04 shipping for a total of $20.49. But delivery time at this price will be very slow – but for $18.12 shipping it can be delivered in 5-8 business days!

Locally, in Port Townsend and the greater Seattle area, you can order directly from me. I am selling signed copies for $25.00. Mailing it to you, book post, will be about $4.40. You may email me at rfriedericks@mac.com

In the near future I will be having public readings with signed copies available for purchase. I will make the venues and dates known as they develop. I anticipate an interview for Booklover’s Cafe, on the Port Townsend community radio station KPTZ.org soon.

Bookmarks, like the one shown on the left, will be included with each copy purchased from me. There are five designs.

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