Lhasa Leaders Sacked

An article in the Guardian today reported that two of the top people in the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) have been sacked – Wang Binyi, police chief and Qin Yizhi, deputy governor of the region. Qin made the world media last summer when the Olympic torch relay went through Lhasa for saying the Communist party would “smash the scheming of the Dalai clique”.

We can only wonder why these two were sacked. Hopefully, it is a sign that the Communist Party finally realizes they can’t tolerate bullies if they want to become full participants with the rest of the world. We can only wait and see how their successors behave.

Han Chinese students educated in Lhasa reflect on the situation

I found this article written by a Han Chinese student. His university is in Lhasa, I think, and he writes – and quotes another student article – about what is happening to Lhasa and Tibetan culture. It is a passionate plea for recognition of what is happening to Tibetan culture at the hands of mercenary Chinese “aid” organizations and businessmen.